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Sound is an aspect of drama students enjoy adding into their acts. Using drama games with sound effects creates much laughter. Music is such a mood setter and in the sample game In The Mood, students start to really think about what is happening in the background.

Th other games included involving sound in the Top 50 Drama Games Unpacked kit are Sound Effects, Animals, Sneeze Cough Laugh Cry and I Hear Voices.



For this game you need to create a music CD or use an iPod. Select several different pieces of music, which are very different in the mood or atmosphere they create. Students work in small groups, usually about 3. First group starts offstage, they listen to a brief extract of their song, and have a quick 20-30seconds to plan a possible story/ scene which they think links to this piece of music. They try to imagine what kind of scene the music could be a soundtrack/ background music for in a movie. The song is played again as the group act out their scene.

Move on to the next group and a new piece of music.


This can be done as a whole class activity, where the students work in a space as a pair or trio. The music is played and as they get an idea they start acting out the scene. All groups work at the same time. After a minute or so, the students sit to listen to the next piece of music and again work out a scene they start acting out. At the end you can have a showcase and go back through the songs, calling on the group you thought did the best job for each song to show the rest of the group what they came up with. Discourage using the song as they have already seen it in a movie, aim for original or a new take on the song.


Pieces of music that have worked well are listed. Try to opt for songs that the music evokes a feeling or emotion rather than one with lyrics that evoke the feeling. They seem to work better. Most can be found on iTunes and downloaded, or look for movie soundtrack compilation CDs.



The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Main Title) Ennio Morricone

Mission Impossible (Theme song) Danny Elfman

Paris, Texas (Main Title) Ry Cooder

Jaws (Main theme) Jaws Soundtrack

Misirlou Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

The Pink Panther (Main theme) Henry Mancini

Tequilla The Champs

Toccata (Toccata and Fugue in D minor) E.Power Biggs

Sadness Enigma

Darshan (Bend It Like Beckham) B21

Apache The Shadows

Back In Black AC/DC

Walking in the Air (The Snowman) Howard Blake

Knights Of Cydonia Muse

Schindler’s List John Williams

Carpe Diem (Dead Poets Society) Maurice Jarre

Hedwig’s Theme (Harry Potter) John Williams

We Are The Champions Queen

Star Wars (Theme song) John Williams

Chariots Of Fire Vangelis

Unchained Melody Maurice Jarre

Rawhide Blues Brothers Soundtrack

Groovin’ The Young Rascals

Eye Of The Tiger Survivor

Gonna Fly Now (Rocky theme) Bill Conti

Te Aviso Te Aununcio (Tango) Shakira

Song To The Siren This Mortal Coil

Sunrise Leonard Bernstein

Ya Mama Fat Boy Slim

Peter Gunn Theme Peter Gunn

Oxygen (Gallipoli) Maurice Jarre

The Entertainer The Sting Soundtrack

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