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SAMPLE GAME: TAKE A SEAT Drama Game 6 Free Sample

The elements of drama are always fun to teach. Costumes and props inspire those with vivid imaginations. The sample game Take A Seat is an easy game to play in a small classroom space, all you need is a chair out the front..but what a chair it proves to be!

Other games in the kit Top 50 Drama Games Unpacked dealing with the elements are What Hat Is That? Dress Me Up, Accessorise Me, and the Props Game…which is my personal “top drama game” because students always surprise and amaze me with this one.



Place a chair in the middle of the room. Students take it in turns to try out the magic seat which transforms itself every time it is sat on. The chosen student stands to the side and is told which seat they have scored, they approach it as if they are the character who would use the chair, or respond to it once they sit on it if there is a physical quality to the chair. The student needs to sustain the reaction or the character until they sit back down. They are aiming to make the rest of us believe the chair has transformed.


Have a couple of chairs to the side in case the player wants to add to the first chair once they discover what it is, like a lounge chair, or a roller coaster. You can call the different seats out, or with older students let them choose their own chair which the others try to work out.


Many different types of chairs are listed. Also included are things that could be on a chair or physical things which could affect the chair.



with an imaginary thumb tack on it

with fresh wet paint

with super glue on it

a sandy chair at the beach

a comfy lounge chair

a bean bag

a chair at the movies

a seat in an exam room

a seat outside the principal’s office

with a spider on it

with itchy powder on it

with a very comfortable cushion

slippery seat that no one can stay on

on a roller coaster ride

which is burning hot from the sun

smelly dog poo somewhere is close by

a toilet seat

a pew in church

next to someone you really like

next to someone you hate

next to someone scary

last musical chair at a birthday party

up on stage for school assembly

a bar stool

on an airplane

the three bears chairs

a computer chair

little kids chair

on a crowded bus

a sun baking lounge

grandma’s rocking chair

the sideline bench

in a football stadium

a driver’s seat

a side car of a motorbike

a seat at the bridal table

a baby’s high chair

in an army jeep

a rickety old chair

with a fart cushion on it

with Santa to hear your wishes

at the dentist

a deckchair on a boat

a camping stool

an itchy haystack

a slab of cold cement

a wheel chair

a ski lift chair

a royal throne

in a hospital waiting room

a park bench

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