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SAMPLE GAME: BUS STOP Free Sample drama game 5

Improvisation is the key to all good drama. These improvisation games are character based, getting students to focus on “who” they are acting. They learn to think on their feet and resond to offers from other players. The students learn a certain freedom and flow on stage with improvisation.

Bus Stop the sample game, is an old classic, so hopefully the ideas list helps out. Others included in Top 50 Drama Games Unpacked in this section are 3 Split Characters, which involves a fun and handy resource to make and use over and over again. Custard which is a long time favourite in my classes. Also included are Superheroes and One Line Character.



Have a bench or a row of chairs on stage to create a bus stop. One player starts, entering the bus stop, waiting for the bus or sheltering there. They need to make it obvious who they are. Send on the second player, who is a totally different character now also waiting at the same bus stop, they interact. A third player, again a distinct and different character enters the scene, interacting with the first two. This is the cue for the first player to offer a reason to leave the bus stop, whether their bus arrives, they get a lift from a friend, decide to walk, leave injured. The next player will come on after the two left on stage have had some time to interact, and so it continues till all have had a turn. To challenge older students, once they are used to the game, occasionally call a set time of day they have to be at the bus stop or a date even a specific location. So it could be late at night, or Valentines Day or the bus stop outside the football stadium.


Good to lead into this with listing many reasons people may be at a bus stop as well as reasons for leaving. With younger students, give a list of characters a little before they go on stage, they do a better job with a little mental preparation time.


Several options for different types of characters are listed. Whilst these are often stereotypes, the students usually add elements that make them very original.



Mum with child, first day of school

Teenager with loud iPod, gum and attitude

A girl/ boy having an argument with their partner, leaving them

A homeless person who sleeps on the bench

A pick pocket/ thief who steals from others at the stop

A police officer on crowd control duty

An officer for the bus department checking all tickets

A business man late for an appointment in the city

A large woman with lots of food shopping bags trying to get home

An little old woman waiting for her grand daughter who will be visiting

Two people who haven’t seen each other since school

Two lovers having a jealous fight

A runaway child who doesn’t know where they are

A sports person on the way home from training or a bad game

A computer geek with laptop he is fixing on the way to work

Two cheeky school kids planning to wag school

An old man who suffers from dementia and has wandered there

An excited Swedish backpacker, new to the city

A sick or injured person on the way to the doctors

A famous celebrity mixing it with the real people

The celebrity’s body guard

A priest on his round of home visits

A protestor heading to a demonstration in the city

A snobbish woman whose car has broken down

Two young girls on their way home from ballet lessons

A beautiful model on her way to a fashion shoot



A crazy old lady who keeps muttering to herself

A student trying to finish their essay last minute

A nurse on the way to the local hospital

A heavily pregnant lady going for a final check up

The next bus driver on shift

A drunk who lost their licence and has to catch the bus

A person from another time, who is in awe of what they see

A cyclist whose bike was hit by a car

A girl on her way to a friends birthday party

A hot lifeguard on the way to the beach

A clown dressed up for a kids party

A driving instructor who doesn’t want to get back in the car

An L plater who failed the driving test

A chef on the way home form the long lunch shift

A pro wrestler on his way to see a match

A farmer on his way to the Easter Show

A film director and actor making a commercial

A musician on their way to a gig

A guy with flowers he is taking home to his wife

A politician out meeting and greeting the public

A person in wheel chair

An escaped prisoner trying to look inconspicuous

A current affairs reporter doing a story and the sad state of bus stops

A huge beefy bloke on is way to his gym workout

A mum with a naughty little toddler who does want to leave

Dad with a child he hasn’t seen for a while

A circus performer, who went out and missed the troupe leaving town

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