Sample Drama Game 1



Warm up games are a good introduction into drama for those who haven’t tried it yet.

They don’t require a lot of skills and are usually quite physical, so they are a great way of warming up the body as well.

The warm up game explained here is a favourite amongst young students.

Other warm up games in the Top 50 Drama Games Unpacked book are Pirate Ship, Knife And Fork, Joined At The Hip and Grab A Group.



Students sit in a circle on chairs. There is one less chair so that one person is in the centre of the circle. The teacher calls the sentence “All those people who…”and those who fit what has been called run to a different chair. The aim is to get to a seat, and not be the one left in the centre. This game works for all ages. With younger students, the teacher calls the sentences, older students, the centre person can decide the category.


With young students we always quickly go over the rules:

  •  No contact, try to get to another seat without touching anyone
  • No sitting on top of someone else if you get to a seat at the same time
  • Once your bottom leaves the chair you have to run, can’t change your mind

To help stop pandemonium, it’s a good idea to call the line, then say GO!

Sometimes with young students, a few try to be out on purpose and won’t run for a chair. In Kinder we call the game “STINKY HOLE” which is the centre, and they try not to be left in the stinky hole, they even name what it smells like to them. “Rotten eggs, my brother’s socks, dog’ poo, …etc.” This adds another fun level to the game and they actual try not to get out.


The resource list on the following page has several possible lines to call out. Try to mix easy options with more complex ones. Every now and then I throw in some cheeky ones to the delight of small children. Sometimes we ask the person who ends in the centre for details…so if they ran for “All those people who think they can dance” we ask them to do a quick dance, or if they ran for “All those people who have a brother” we ask for their name and age…a fun to get to know students.

  • are wearing school uniform
  • with their ears pierced
  • ate toast for breakfast this morning
  • like watching The Simpsons
  • are scared of the dark
  • have ever picked their nose
  • kissed their Mum or Dad goodbye
  • play games on the computer
  • have fruit in their lunchbox
  • can swim the length of the pool
  • have fallen asleep in the car
  • play a musical instrument
  • have pinched biscuits from the kitchen
  • are going away in the holidays
  • have peeked at their Christmas presents
  • get to school by bus
  • have ever broken a bone
  • have planted flowers
  • watched TV yesterday
  • play soccer
  • are good at maths
  • have slept in a tent
  • can cook something
  • like to sing
  • have brown eyes
  • hate eating spinach
  • have a sister
  • sleep with a teddy bear
  • like to sleep in
  • can surf
  • go for the Titans team
  • cleaned their teeth this morning
  • have been dumped by a wave
  • have seen Harry Potter
  • are scared of sharks
  • have ever farted/ fluffed in class
  • help clean up their room
  • like a shower better than a bath
  • can tie their shoelaces
  • have had their birthday already this year
  • have their own bedroom
  • like summer better than winter
  • like summer better than winter
  • can do a handstand
  • like eating chocolate
  • like the colour blue
  • have flown on a plane
  • think they can dance
  • like vanilla ice cream
  • like doing drama
  • can ride a bike
  • like to draw
  • like doing homework
  • are good at reading
  • have a sister
  • hate eating spinach
  • have lost their teeth
  • think dragons are cool
  • help with chores
  • love Christmas time
  • have a brother
  • know their 6 x tables
























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