This site does not take the place of many excellent drama game books which have been published over the years.

This site and the drama kit available are designed to add to these books.

The books often explain the rationale, and the games in much more detail.

Many go into methods of teaching drama and programming etc.

This here is simply a practical resource to go hand in hand with such books to make the teaching of drama as uncomplicated as possible.

Something you can simply photocopy and use immediately.

The following books are worthwhile in any drama teachers library and come highly recommended.

101 Drama Games For Children

This is an excellent resource for children of all ages, each activity can be easily adapted to suit the age of the group you are teaching and it’s variety of activities is excellent!

Whether you are teaching a drama class or just looking for ideas for things to do at your kids next birthday party, you will find everything you need in this book.

101 Drama games is a great teacher and parents resource.

Get your copy or read more reviews here!

101 Drama Games And Activities

This resource of highly effective drama games, is full of great ideas and ice breakers that can be implemented to suit all ages.

It is easy to follow and works well to keep the students engaged and having fun.

A great additive to any drama teachers collection for easy reference and implementation of drama games.

Get your copy or read more reviews here!

More Theater Games For Young Performers

If turning your young performers into actors is your goal, then this book has a great array of improvisations and exercises for developing acting skills.

Focus on improvisation, character development, voice and body control are all presented in game format exercises.

Get your copy or read more reviews here!

Theater Games For The Classroom

Let your classroom play and learn things at the same time with this excellent book of theater games for the classroom.

Viola Spolin (the author) is recognised as an expert in this field, and has put together this brilliant resource for teachers new or seasoned.

The games are set out in detail to make them easy to implement, and can be used in all levels of  drama education.

Get your copy or read more reviews here!

101 Improv Games

From easy warm ups to over the top crowd pleasers, this book has it all covered.

This book for children and adults covers the basic of improvisational comedy, giving the aspiring performer the building blocks to think on their feet.

These games and ideas are easy to adapt to any classroom environment and offer a great range of fresh and new ideas for to keep it fun and exciting.

Get your copy or read more reviews here!


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