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Details about my drama background

I have been fortunate in my teaching career of over twenty years to have had such a broad variety of opportunities to teach drama.

I began with high school students, teaching drama firstly within English classes, then as a subject itself, including to HSC level.

With this teenaged age group, I directed so many memorable school productions from musicals, to Rock Eisteddfods, to scripted plays and group devised performances.

I had a chance to start working with younger students overseas as Head Of Drama at USA summer camps.

I left full time teaching at the high school and now teach as a specialist drama teacher in a Primary school, working with every class, even the little Kindergarten kids who have provided the biggest learning curve yet!

I also currently run after school drama classes for Primary aged students.

Drama Games have always been a big part of my teaching, especially now when I only get to see a class for an hour at a time.

I have always looked for and wished there was a product just like this available on the market.

I have often searched and researched for hours, many of the things provided in these pages, as well as within the resource kit.

So I decided it was about time I made it!

Watch out for other editions now that I’ve started.

Celia Pennay


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